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Mhd Nazier Houranieh and Sons Company established in 1949, located in Damascus – Syria representing many international companies and are known to be one of the largest global traders operating in the metals industry.

Houranieh Co. deals with importing, trading, wholesale, and retail distribution of various types of metals, such as Stainless Steel, Hot and Cold Rolled Steel , Galvanized pipes and sheets, Aluminum, Brass , Refrigeration Copper, Tubes , Stainless Steel Bars , Seamless and welded pipes , Ductile iron pipes and its accessories and Aluminum Composite panel.

Houranieh Co. has imported its products from the Largest European Companies and we have built up long experience and an excellent business relation with these companies which entitle us in serving our customers at the maximum level of cooperation , which enabled us to being pioneers in the metals markets.

Since 2000, we become an agent of Haxin Chinese Company for Aluminum composite panel.

Since 2004, Houranieh has installed a complete service center for stainless steel and metal sheets such as Polishing machines, PVC coating Machine and Cut to length line.

Since 2008, Houranieh Co. implemented the only fully automated line for manufacturing Ducts for the heating , ventilation and air conditioning system in various shapes and types (circular , rectangular, flexible as well as all accessories ,connectors, and complementary accessories).

These new products make a positive effect in the market in many ways as we are always doing our best to expand and improve the industrial chain of machinery to meet our customer’s needs competitively and satisfactorily. By this way we can guarantee that we have fulfilled all our obligations towards our clients in order to achieve the final success.

And in 2010, we become an agent of Chinese company of Angang Group Youngtong Ductile Cast Iron Pipe Co. Ltd. for Ductile Iron Pipe which is one of the major companies in the world.

The company's branches and warehouses

  • Warehouse
  • Zoukak Al Jin Branch
  • Industrial Zone Adra Branch
  • Sehnayann Branch
  • Kessweh Branch
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    Houranieh warehouse includes four sections as follows:

    section 1

    The first section use for the storage of raw materials such as sheets and stainless steel bars at the estimated capacity 3,000 tons

    section 2

    The second section use for the storage of plates large dimension 2000 mm 6000 mm along with Aluminum sheets.

    section 3

    The third section use for the storage of Cold rolled steel sheets, Carbon steel flat bars and Galvanized steel sheets.

    section 4

    And the last section for Ducts Machinery as well as Polishing machines, PVC coating Machine and Cut to length line as the quantity of our storage in warehouses is a round 15000 Tons.

  • Zoukak Al Jin Branch

    Houranieh has established sites and shops in Zoukak Aljin , Abd Alrahman Ibn Kassem Street , to provide service in an easier and better way to our customers managed by a qualified staff as this branch contains various metal products such as Stainless Steel, Brass & Copper Bars (Hexagon, Flat and Square Bar) , Welded Profile and Aluminum sheets and other materials in any size, dimensions and length, as our purpose to be in reach in more than one area of the market to submit an easier and more convenient service for our customers

  • Industrial Zone Adra Branch

    Our newest Branch is located in the industrial zone in Adra. We have two locations in Adra adjacent to each other. The first is approximately 10,000 m2, and the second is approximately 3000 m2. The industrial zone is a vibrant, and important area, due to the large amounts of factories located there. It's in our customer’s interest to be close to their factories to provide them with the high quality products they require for their manufacturing needs.

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    Sehnayann Branch

    Sehnayann branch has an area of 600 m, situated in the industrial zone of Damascus city in the Saudi palm park near to the large companies such as Adidas and others. This branch was renovated again and we have a large storage capacity , loading and unloading are easily done. This branch became one of the most important selling outlets in the new industrial zone in Damascus to provide the best service to our customers for retail and wholesale.

    And our products in this branch is (Stainless Steel Bars & Sheets , Aluminum Sheets , Cold rolled sheets and Galvanized pipe and sheets).

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    Kessweh Branch

    The main branch in Kessweh is about 6000 m and situated on the road of old Jordan in Dannoun area approximately 20 minutes from the highway and accommodates around 30 employees to serve the customer for retail and wholesale. This warehouse provided by the best machinery suitable for loading and unloading trucks in minutes and there is a big space for parking.

Our Products


Hot / Cold rolled and sheets

Specification: 08kp 1203 / Thickness from 0.5 mm to 2 mm


Ductile iron pipe and accessories

We are the agents of Angang Group Youngtong Ductile Cast Iron Pipe Co. Ltd. and we have available all sizes and dimension of pipes and accessories


Copper / Brass (Hexagonal , Square and Round Bar).

Sizes: from 4 mm to 200 mm


Refrigeration copper for air conditioners

Sizes: 3/16 inches up to 7/8

And Copper pipes

Sizes: ½ inch up to 2 ½ inch


Galvanized Sheets

Specification: G90 Thickness from 0.5 mm to 3 mm


Galvanized Pipes

Standard ASTM A53

We have available all sizes of Seamless Galvanized pipes


Carbon Steel ( Sheets and Bars )

Specification: CK60, CK45 for molds / Thickness 8 mm to 150 mm in the form of plates as we have available cut machines upon request.


Aluminum Composite panel

Specification: PVDF internal and external decorations and Thickness 3 mm and 4 mm and during the year of 2000, we have become agents of HAXIN Chinese company for Aluminum Composite panel and we have achieved many projects such as Arab European University. And also HAXIN brand used in multiple projects, including the Syrian Airlines companies and Mercedes Co. We have a wide range of colors and dimension on request.


Aluminum (Sheets and Bars)

Specification: Aluminum Alloy 1050 - Aluminum Alloy 3033 Thicknesses: from 0.5 mm to 10 mm. And we have available Plain, Tread and Stucco Aluminum

Stainless Steel:


Houranieh has a wide range of stainless steel at stocks in various sizes and specifications and we specialized in this type of metal as we have many standards of stainless steel such as:
AISI - 904 - 430 - 409 - 321 - 304 - 316 - 310 - 309

Also we have other types such as sheets , bars and coils which available in all thicknesses , shapes and dimension and our stock capacity of stainless steel is 3,000 tons.

Houranieh is always working to keep a good and continuous business as to develop storage to wider range in order to provide clients with top-quality and satisfaction and as we mentioned in the beginning that in 2004 , we have developed new machinery Polishing machines , PVC coating Machine and Cut to length line which grant us the capability to develop the product to be used in several places since our mission is to provide our customer with best service at the maximum level.

Machinery and equipment

We have available machinery and equipment for manufacturing the finest air ducts of circular and polygonal automatically.

Cutting Machine

It considers as one of the most dependent for air ducts in the world (56% in Europe and America) using air duct for its advantages of accurate measurements, and the minimum number of connections with the possibility of securing the best precision between the connections.

Automatic production line

It secures the possibility of implementing any empty like taper , elbow, and transferred it from the circular to the polygon or vice versa in addition to cut metal till thickness of 15 mm in any form request by the customer.

Contact Us

Company Address:

Main Branch

Zoukak Al Jin Abed Al Rahman Bn Al Kassem Street. Damascus , Syria.

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